Sony BM10 Bluetooth Music Receiver via AUX in

Here is my article about how I fitted a Sony BM10 Bluetooth Music Receiver into my 2006 Mercedes SLK 55 AMG that uses the Comand APS system with AUX in. However, this is no different to any other vehicle that also utilises the auxiliary input method.

When I had my previous car (2005 Boxster S), I fitted a Dension Gateway 500 with the BTA1500 adapter. That gave me the luxury of playing all the songs on my phone via Bluetooth (A2DP) to the stock head unit.

Since getting the SLK 55, I’ve wanted to fit a similar Dension type system. I know there are others, such as mCar and m0bridge, however these are all in the region of £300 – £350. Sometimes even more.

I finally decided that for my purpose, which would be to simply streaming my music to the car via bluetooth, the Dension 500 BT S was the best option. Having used Dension before, I knew I could trust them and I liked the build quality of their products.

Then, a friend of mine informed me that I could pick up a 500 BT S for just £275 delivered. I almost pulled the trigger, but then decided to do more research (as you do). I realised that my car had the AUX input in the glove box. I was also aware that there was such as thing as a Bluetooth receiver to 3.5mm jack device. So I carried on my research ……

The options were as follows:

1) Belkin Aircast = £59.99

AirCast Auto HandsFree - HeroImage
2) HTC Bluetooth SteroClip = £59.99

HTC Bluetooth Clip

There were some cheaper alternatives, but I didn’t bother looking at those as I didn’t want to compromise on sound quality.

Then, accidently I must add, I came across this :

1) Sony BM10 Bluetooth Music Receiver = £69 or £39 from Amazon

Bluetooth Music Receiver BM10 - Smartphone to Hi-Fi sound system

On seeing the Sony device, and the fact that it is powered with a Micro USB slot, I was almost instantly aroused. I knew that I could have a custom micro usb soldered onto the back of the CD changer / cigratte lighter (switched feed) and have that power the device, then tuck it all away nicely into the glove box.

So with this, I then purchased the following items to complete the task :

1) 12v to 5v USB cable with inverter = £5.78

Sony BM10 installation photos
2) RCA to 3.5mm Jack Cable = £2.93


Sony BM10 installation photos

Total cost for items = £48.70

I know that by doing this option, I will not have all the steering wheel controls for my music OR the ability to display the tracks on the head unit, but that doesn’t bother me as I can simply change tracks on the phone / device anyway. Plus this solution has saved me over £220.

Installation photos

CD Changer pulled out to access
Sony BM10 installation photos

Tapping into cigarette lighter for switched feed
Sony BM10 installation photos

Sony BM10 installation photos

12v to 5v USB Inverter installed
Sony BM10 installation photos

Sony BM10 installation photos

Sony BM10 installation photos

Feeding cables to glove box
Sony BM10 installation photos

Sony BM10 installation photos

Sony BM10 installation photos

Sound quality difference