About MeEntrepreneur Geek

Passionate, business focused and very technically minded. I have a passion for all things technology. Having used computers since the young age of just six, when MS-DOS and Windows 3.1 was a thing, I have over 26 years experience in the field. (You just guessed my age).

I’m positive, enthusiastic and an ambitious pro-active individual that brings an unrivalled level of dedication and commitment to any project I embark on. An entrepreneur at heart, I have a passion to create, maintain and grow business that is consistently profitable in line with the company goals and aspirations.

A ‘customer comes first’ attitude, I promote an open feedback policy within my business and maintain the customer relationship by use of social media.

Be sure to check out my YouTube Channel for some of my work,  there will be new things added all the time.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you find at least one thing useful today.